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nINA Collective Organizational Identity

We worked with the nINA collective to create a visual and verbal organizational identity. Equipped with our organizational identity questionnaire, the collective conducted a mini-retreat to explore and consolidate their name, mission, and vision. The logograph was inspired by the silhouette of the group’s namesake, Nina Simone and the word Ina, which means flame in Yoruba. The logotype was recreated from the original album cover of Nina Simone’s song 4 Women and the four circles in the “I” symbolically represents, not only the four women who founded the organization, but the four elements of nature and the four directions.

Client: nINA Collective is a consulting collective that partners with organizations on systems change initiatives so that they can advance racial equity within their organization and field.


Service: Organizational Identity, Organizational Identity Guide, Business Cards, Media Kit, Letterheads, Introduction Video, Training Video

nINA Collective Introduction

nINA Collective Introduction

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